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Best Ways to Deal With Noise Produced by Air Conditioners

The air conditioner is the kind of relief if want after having a hectic day during summer but after a time these machines start creating noise that’s annoying to the ears. The first way to address this problem is to find out if the indoor unit is creating the noise or the outdoor one. Usually

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How to Purify Indoor Air to Breathe?

We purchase an air conditioner and start using it and think our job is done but what if you come to know that you are inhaling air which is impure? You heard right, this is the most common problem we don’t think of and in the long run, it turns out to be the most

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How To Maintain Your Split Air Conditioners?

The summer season has arrived and you have to be ready for it by making sure your air conditioner is at its best conditioner to give you service for at least 4 months of this extreme summer. If you own a spit system and wish to know how to maintain this machine so that it

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