Air Conditioner Refrigeration Repair Solution

A refrigerator is the most essential machine in every kitchen. When you realize that your refrigerator is not cooling properly, you should address this issue immediately in order to save your machine from any bigger issues. Here are a few reasons behind refrigerators is not cooling efficiently.

Thermostat Setting – Many times there’s a possibility that the thermostat setting is disturbed which affects the cooling of the machine and as a result, the temperature rises inside. That’s why you should keep the children away from the machine and frequently check the thermostat settings.

Blockage in Vents – The temperature inside the machine is maintained through vents that’s why you should make sure that there is no blockage in the vents. This is the most important factor you need to keep in mind as unintentionally you might block the vents by keeping excessive items.

Dirty Condenser Coils – The condenser coil needs to be cleaned from time to time as it releases the heat outside by keeping the temperature cool inside. You can clean coils at your home only by using a vacuum or with a brush.

Evaporator Fan Malfunction – The Evaporator Fan circulates the cool air inside the fridge, If it malfunctions then you will experience a heating problem which as a result increases the temperature.

Damaged Control Boards – If you have checked all the above issues and still facing the cooling issues then there’s a possibility that the control board is damaged. To fix this issue you must get in touch with a fridge repair company in Indore to help you fix the issue and make the machine work like before.