Air Conditioner Refrigeration Repair Solution

Temperature is rising everywhere in the world and there’s a need to air conditioners throughout the year and without a properly functioning AC system, you cannot imagine living peacefully. You need to make sure all the parts of the machine is working efficiently. Many people don’t know is how crucial AC filtering is to the systems. The right AC filter will have a significant impact on the quality of air and the effectiveness of your appliance. Here are the factors to take into consideration when choosing the best AC filter.

Types of AC filters:

There are different types of AC Filters such as pleated, fiberglass, and HEPA filters. Fiberglass filters are the preferred option as they’re economical. These filters consist of fiberglass layers inside an iron grate. They are very efficient in removing dirt and harmful substances.

Pleated filters are more durable than fiberglass filters, and generally cost more. They last longer, and they are able to capture smaller dust particles. The majority of pleated filters must be replaced every six months.

If you’re looking for something advanced to clean the air, then go for a HEPA filter. These filters, which are industrial grade, are not often used in homes but are crucial to people who are sensitive to poor air quality. HEPA filters are preferred for people suffering from severe asthma and allergies.

Also, make sure you are using the correct size filter as per the AC system. If you use a wrongly-sized AC filter will decrease the efficiency of your unit. It is recommended you must get in touch with a AC Repair Company in Indore to help you select the proper AC filter for your machine.