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The microwave oven has become an important machine for households and is considered very useful to ease human beings needs. It can cook delicious food, bake food items and even warm food, that is the reason it is used at workplaces very often nowadays. In recent times it has gone through several changes and upgraded to advanced microwaves which are fully automatic. There is a huge variety and options available as per your need.

A microwave is classified into 3 types that are small, medium, and large microwaves. Let’s understand in detail how these are categories and what are the specifications:

Small Microwave: As the name indicates, these are small microwaves which are demanded by people who don’t have much use of them and don’t require heavy watts. These are used for heating and making lighter meals. Also, it can be fit anywhere as the size is very small. So if space is a problem and you don’t require to use it for some heavy cooking then you can go for it.

Medium Microwave: These are medium in size and the power also ranges under 1500 watts. These are the advanced version of the smaller ones as there are more features and the capacity is also greater than the smaller ones. The power is high so it can cook, bake food easily and can be used for making any kind of dish.

Large Microwaves: These are fully loaded microwaves with advanced features and comes with various cooking modes. These can cook all types of food including nonveg dished even grilled dishes. This is recommended to all as it can efficiently help you in cooking, baking, and warming food.

This will definitely help you in selecting the right microwave for your house. In case you need assistance in selecting the right brand and type for your house you can contact a microwave repair company in Indore to help you select the right product for you also they can help you in providing the maintenance service.