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Glass washing machines that have been used for a long time will become brittle, dirty, and lose their utility. To restore its functionality and effectiveness, we must maintain and repair it according to the normal procedure. We do not have any maintenance items for glass washers, so we will provide a list of all maintenance procedures.

Here are the aspects that should be considered when maintaining a glass washer machine.

Washing machine oil – The glass washer must be properly lubricated to prevent damage from excessive wear. Operators would lubricate the key parts using good mechanical oil with good stability and adhesion.

Calibration of transfer rollers – Glass washing machines have lower rollers that are fixed. A shaft gear transmission system drives them. The height of the upper rollers is adjustable by turning freely with 1/4. This design can ensure smooth transmission and glass strength. Workers should inspect the vertical and horizontal levels of their gears regularly.

Adjustment for brusher height – Major glass washing machines use brushes to clean the original glass sheets. In order to ensure a high-quality polish and to remove stubborn stains, operators may add liquid polishes to the process. To ensure that the brushes are able to do effective rolling polishing, we recommend setting the brush’s height at 1.5mm below the glass surface.

Water tank and tray cleaning – The machine uses level 3 circulating water to clean the glass. Under the washing-drying section are three separate tanks and a wet pan that can store cleaning water. Workers must wash the tanks regularly because water can be polluted during cleaning. Polishes and other dirt may also be deposited in them.

Water pipe cleaning – We will promptly remove pipe blockages and adjust the concentration of liquid polishes used if necessary. (Note: The more polishes used, the more likely the pipes will appear clogged.

Adjustment of the air knife in the drying section – The water in the glass washing machine’s last tank is very purified. After heat treatment, water spots on the glass surface will be evaporated or blown away by the strong wind action of the air knife when they pass through the drying section. Air knives and glass planes have an acute angle.

These are the perfect measures you need to apply to keep your machine running perfectly. You can seek help from a washing machine repair company in Indore to guide you better in this matter.