Air Conditioner Refrigeration Repair Solution

Fungus growth inside the air conditioners is the most common problem as there is moisture present inside which enhances the growth of fungus. When fungus grows inside your air conditioner it is not good for the machine as it can spread through the air in the room and makes you sick. It can trigger severe health problems like an asthma attack or allergic reactions for some people. It can also trouble the skin, eyes, lungs, nose, and throat, causing a lot of discomfort. Here are some effective tips to prevent mold from growing:

  1. Clean your air conditioner regularly and make sure to use a clean cloth to wipe the dust. This is the most important step to save you from this bigger issue. As moisture is the main cause of mold growth inside the machine,
  2. The condensation pan should not be overflowing as excessive water will lead to mold growth. So make sure to clear the pan regularly and dry it off to avoid moisture.
  3. Replace Your Air Filter Regularly. Air filters are designed for cleaning the air coming out from AC. After a certain time, you should replace these filters to improve the efficiency of the machine with prevention from molds.
  4. Hire professionals from an AC Repair Company in Indore to service your unit regularly. The technician will perform maintenance checks in order to keep your machine running in top condition.

Lastly, examine the exterior of your air conditioner. If you find any mold on exterior surfaces, use detergent or any other washing chemical to wash it away. Make sure you wear proper gloves while performing these activities.