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Winter has arrived and like every year it’s stronger. We can beat the summer with cooling via air conditioner but did you know that you can use an air conditioner for heating in the winter season? In this article we are going to talk about how can you use AC in winter to provide heat.

Can you use AC in the winter?

Yes, you can though they will be not that efficient in increasing the temperature at higher levels but will give you some relief. Even though there are specialized models specifically made for dual functionality, in winter the oil which is used to lubricate the compressor can become thick due to cold weather, and the same issue with the freezing of condensation on coils.

What is the lowest temperature for an AC?

You can use the air conditioner in cold but if the temperature is less than 13-15 degrees Celsius you should avoid using it as there’s a great risk of compressor failure. If you see built-up frost on the coils you must immediately turn it off to avoid machine failure. If you feel the temperature is going above 15 degrees Celsius then you can think is using it.

How to Set your AC for winter?

When you are about to use your air conditioner in winter make sure to adjust the thermostat settings to energy efficiency as you get lower the power consumption by lowering the thermostat temperature. 20 degrees Celsius is a recommended temperature to maintain the efficiency.

So these are some important points we have explained that will help you understand how AC works in winter. Take help from the experts by looking for a reputed AC Repair Company near me in Indore whose professionals will help you purchase the right product that offers dual functionality.