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Washing machines now has become a necessity item of every household. The most important aspect of a washing machine is its drum, so when buying a machine for your house you must check its drum capacity to get the perfect size as per your requirement. Today we are going to discuss in detail about washing machine drum capacity, size, types, and capabilities.

Size & Capacity – If you want to measure the capacity of a washing machine drum then you can check it by the net weight of the clothes that can be washed once. It comes with various capacity options ranging from 5 kg to 12 kg. So depending on the requirement you can opt for the machine which has the higher capacity range. If you have a smaller family then you can opt for a smaller size machine but if you live in a joint family then you must go ahead with the machine which has higher capacity.

Types of Drums

Plastic drums – This is the most common type as they are economical. They can be seen in manual or automatic washing machines. They are more in demand because they are easy to clean and can’t be corroded.

Steel drums – These drums are a kind of premium drums and can be found in both segments – top load or front load.

There are also diamond designs and crescent moon-shaped design drums available in the market. Drums also come in horizontal or vertical shapes which has their advantages.

Loading – The drum should be loaded correctly. Overloading leads to improper washing and the dirt cannot find the way to go out. Where underloading can lead to the wastage of water, detergent, and electricity. so proper loading of the machine is very important for efficiency.

So this was all about washing machine drums, if you are unsure of what drum is ideal for you and can’t make the right choice then must get in touch with a washing machine repair company in Indore to help you in making the right decision.