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Washing machines have made our lives more convenient and efficient as they take care of all the heavy chores of keeping our clothes fresh and clean. These are expensive machines so we should take extra care to extend their life. Maintaining the machines in good condition helps them run efficiently for many years. Here are some most important tips to keep a washer in good condition.

1. Use Appropriate Detergent – It is essential to choose the correct detergent for washing your clothes. It is recommended to select the detergent suggested by the manufacturer or you can find it out in the washer’s manual. Make sure the detergent you are using it not too harsh or acidic otherwise it can damage parts of your washing machine.

2. Quantity of Detergent – Quantity of Detergent is also an important factor you need to consider while washing your laundry. Too much detergent can damage your clothes as well as the machine’s interior

3. Don’t Overload – Every machine has its capacity so the number that can be taken at once depends on its specifications, and you should never overload the machines for the sake of washing all at once which can damage your machine in the long run.

4. Check Pockets – Always double-check the pockets of your clothes before washing. Sometimes, we might forget to remove coins, receipts, money, etc. which can lead to bigger destruction

5. Leave the Door Open After Washing – After washing, you must keep the door open for some time so that the loaders get to dry which can also help in preventing bacteria and molds.

6. Clean the Lint Filter – The lint filter collects dirt that is found on the clothes. You must clean the filter frequently to avoid clogging. Avoiding this will result in dust remaining in the clothes.

7.  Washing Machine Level – The machine needs to be placed on a flat surface otherwise it can vibrate which leads to components becoming looser. So make sure that the washing machine is on a flat surface.

There are some simple but effective tips you should follow to increase the lifespan of the machine. you can take advice from the experts and also from a leading washing machine repair company in Indore to help you assist better.