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Whenever we buy any machine we always think about its lifespan. Any machine can last long if you use it properly with care and regular maintenance. Sometimes even a brand new expensive machine can collapse when a second machine gives longer service it all depends on the factor of how you use it. Here we are going discuss some common faults which lead to bigger destruction.

The most common issue is overloading the machine beyond its recommended capacity, which can result in damaged drum bearings, a broken suspension, and incorrect placement of the belt and other parts including the motor. Leaks are the other most recurring issue which can be due to a variety of causes and there are a variety of places within the washing machine that is causing the leak. The main reason for leakage of a washing machine is the door seal which is a flange that a glass door is pressed against when closing the door. Most of the time, the door seal will have holes, as the water gushes into the drum and flows out through the holes in the door seal.

Another reason that causes spills of water out of the washing machine is overfilling, which happens when the sensor for water level fails. If you discover soap residue, it can stop the pressure chamber from working and make the pressure chamber ineffective to trigger the level switch, which keeps the level of water. These are some major faults that cause a machine collapse so make sure you take care of these and take time to time maintenance services from a Washing Machine Repair company in Indore.