Air Conditioner Refrigeration Repair Solution

The winter season has approached and like every year it has gone extreme and made our lives difficult. People use heaters to keep their body warm but it’s not a solution as it’s not capable of making the entire room warm. Here the air conditioner comes in the picture with its heating capabilities but did you know that heating is expensive than cooling? Here we are going to explain the reasons behind it.

More Energy Consumption – Heating requires more energy than cooling the room as it requires push to work harder whereas cooling is an easy job as the machine is primarily designed to provide cooling.

Insulation – The other big resistance is the poorly insulated house where the cold air from outside can come inside and make the condition worse. Then the machine has to struggle to maintain the temperature inside the house.

Efficiency: The older machines are not meant for heating that’s why they are not efficient whereas new machines are coming with new technologies that can perform both heating and cooling.

Fuel Costs – Heating requires different fuels like natural gas, propane, etc. which adds an additional cost on fuel.

Maintenance: When you use an air conditioner for heating purposes it works extra hard and hence requires frequent maintenance and repair to run efficiently. As a result, your machine will have a shorter lifespan.

Understanding these factors will help you understand why heating is more expensive than cooling in air conditioning. To help you find out the best machine that offers both functions cooling and heating get in touch with a reputed AC Repair company near me in Indore to assist you with the options.