Air Conditioner Refrigeration Repair Solution

This summer is hitting hard and we all are trying hard to stay home but without an air conditioner, it is very difficult to stay inside in this extreme humidity. But when you use the air conditioners for a longer time they end up contributing to higher electricity bills. Here are some effective tips that will help in keeping your house cool with lesser energy bills.

  1. If you have smaller rooms at your home it is advisable to go for split or portable ACs instead of central air conditioners which will significantly lower energy bills.
  2. Use mini blinds or white window shades as they are very effective in reducing heat inside the room. In this way, it will block hot air to come inside the room and make it a bit cooler.
  3. In the daytime, keep all windows closed and at night open them for ventilation in this way you can lower the temperature a bit. Natural air at night can pass inside the room in this way.
  4. Make sure you perform a proper cleaning of your air conditioner filters as dust blocks the internal parts and reduces airflow which reduces the overall efficiency of the machine.
  5. The most important factor is choosing the right air conditioner as per the room size. A smaller AC for a bigger room will not cool the room properly and bigger AC for a smaller room will consume more power.
  6. If you are using a central AC system, make sure to seal all A/C ducts this will avoid air leakage.
  7. If your AC is too old then replace your older AC with an energy-efficient model as the older machines have older technology but now technology has changed and new machines are more efficient and consume less power that’s why they come with energy star ratings.

These are the effective tips that will help you lower unnecessary higher electricity bills. You can get in touch with an AC Repair company in Indore to help you fix your AC if it’s consuming more power.